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Drum Carrier Decanting Trolley

By R.J Cox Engineering
  • Drum Carrier Decanting Trolley

  • The Drum Carrier / Rotator is suitable for loads up to 364kg.
  • The Mobile Drum-Carrier raises, transports, rotates, tilts and drains fully loaded drums.
  • This Versatile Drum Trolley carries the full weight of the drum.
  • The Dual, fingertip operated locks secure the raised drum.
  • The Drum-Carrier / Rotator can lock a drum in vertical position or horizontal position for draining through a faucet to avoid spills and pour contents easily.
  • When unlocked, the drum may be turned end-over-end to agitate contents or tipped and help manually at any angle.
  • The Drum Carrier is fitted with 2 x 200mm nylon or polyurethane roller bearing wheels and 1 x 100mm swivel castor with brake.
  • The Drum Carrier  / Rotator is truly a drum handler.
  • Transporting drums and waste bins is perfect for the motor industry and wineries.
  • It is shipped partially disassembled to save on freight costs.



Drum Size

Net Weight

210 litres, steel

572mm dia, 915.5mm high