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Sun Jun 16 2019

Clax Cart 2 Tier Colapsible Folding Trolley

By R.J Cox Engineering

Clax Cart's Lightweight 2 Tier folding trolley with removable wheels is fully portable with 46L capacity Suitable for various applications

With push-button folding, our strong Clax Utility Cart will come to the rescue so often, you'll wonder how you ever go along with out it. Cleverly designed of sturdy European craftsmanship,

  • The Clax Cart folding mechanism is a marvel of modern functionality.
  • Collapses easily at the push of a button.
  • Foot Operated Parking brake keeps it in place.
  • Clax Cart Stores flat, taking up a minimum amount of storage space.
  • R.J. Cox Engineering have supplied Clax Carts to Hospitals, Nursing Homes,  Offices, Apartments and Households, finding many uses in each environment, there is no limit to what the Clax Cart can do for you.

Supplied with 1 Collapsible basket, additional Baskets available.

Upper tray capacity:            20kg
Lower tray capacity:            40kg
Total capacity:                    60kg
Handle type:                       Folding pram style
Dimensions Assembled:      890 x 550 x 1030mm
Dimensions Folded:            670 x 470 x 110mm
Box Height:                        270mm
Unit Weight:                       7kg
Rear Wheels:                     175mm black elastic foam
Front Castors:                    90mm swivel - black elastic foam
Unit Includes:                     1 only collapsible box (additional boxes available)