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Battery Powered Tugs

By Materials Handling Pty Ltd
  • Battery Powered Tugs

Too Heavy To Move? Not with Electro Tugs to do it for you!

Instant, push-button power makes light work of moving heavy, portable rolling equipment, plant trailers, trolleys etc. Suitable for manufacturing, food production, laundries, large workshops, vehicle & truck manufacturing, waste bin removal, trolley collection, hospitals, nursing homes & many other applications.

  • Compact, detachable towing units.
  • Move heavy trolleys safely & quietly.
  • Pedestrian operated. Battery power. Push button.
  • Operate on ramps up to 1:12.
  • Versions available up to 50 tonne capacity.
  • Suit either heavy industrial or hygenic indoor environments.
  • Minimizes back injury risk.
  • Automatic brake system parks on ramps
  • Simple to operate in variable speed forward or reverse direction.
  • Strong all steel or stainless construction.
  • Serves a fleet of trolleys.
  • Special attachments available.
  • Operator has 100% forward vision.
  • Comfortable hand controls and safety button.
  • They are supplied standard with a "back off reversing bar or button" that prevents an operator being jammed against an obstruction. When activated, it automatically reverses the direction of travel away from the operator for a few seconds.

We can custom design a tug up to 50 tonne to suit your application.