Specialised Transportation

By AirRoad

Not every delivery is routine. AirRoad Specialised Transport Services is able to cover all of your special delivery needs.
For example, we can deliver a large air conditioner and even lift it to a certain height for installation, or help with your next exhibition by transporting, unpacking and repacking items or perhaps you might need a photocopier transported up some stairs. We can even organise an emergency 6am delivery to your desperate customer in regional NSW.
We do this to give you peace of mind and to add that extra value to make your road to success that little bit easier.
Depending on your specific needs we can provide a number of non-routine services including;
> Roll Outs/Backs – delivery can be made within a specific time frame to allow coordination at various sites.
> Heavy Equipment Installations - delivery and installation of equipment over 300kgs.
> Technical Deliveries – delivery, unpacking, setting up and configuration of technical equipment.
> Project Management – specialised personnel conduct site inspections and manage client requirements.
> Reverse Logistics – coordinated pick ups from your customer including packing, labelling and delivery to forwarding address.
Specialised Transport Services is also able to offer other value added services such as home deliveries, taxi trucks and air freight to improve the quality of delivery.
Specialised Transport Services has its own fleet of dedicated vehicles with Air Ride suspension and specially trained drivers to handle sensitive goods. These services are currently available in all metropolitan areas and managed services are available in country areas throughout Australia.
AirRoad uses specialised equipment such as pallet trolleys, stair climbers and walkboards. We can arrange for the safe packing of your delicate, fragile or precious items, whether it be at your facility, or pick up and packing at one of our facilities.
We want you to have peace of mind knowing that AirRoad Specialised Transport Services can organise all your needs, no delivery is too difficult for our team to manage. This is how we provide you with a sense of certainty.
Quick facts
> Catering for all non-routine deliveries.
> Dedicated vehicles with Air Ride suspension and specially trained drivers.

> Available Australia-wide