Express Transportation

By AirRoad

AirRoad provides a premium express Australia-wide delivery service. 

We have been picking up and delivering time definite, high value items since 1989 for many of Australia’s leading companies in the ICT, imaging, pharmaceutical, electronics, automotive, engineering and medical sectors.

With AirRoad your goods will be delivered overnight to adjacent capital cities on the eastern sea board and overnight or second day to most country areas.
Our Performance
As a recognised specialist in handling sensitive parcels, cartons and pallets we pay meticulous attention to detail throughout the transportation process. Our 98.16%+ audited DIFOT for delivering on time and in full reflects this.
From correct forklift procedures in the warehouse to the way your goods are loaded on to our vehicles. All of our procedures adhere strictly to Australian Standard AS/NZS ISO 9001:2000 and are regularly monitored internally and by independent auditors. This means that your customers are happy because their goods arrive on time and undamaged.
We do much more than talk about safe, timely deliveries. We’ll stand behind our promise by offering a transit warranty of up to $500 per consignment for misplaced or damaged freight in transit. You don’t pay extra for this assurance. It’s not covered by any built in costs. It simply demonstrates our confidence in getting it right the first time, every time.
Our Vehicles and Facilities
Since the company’s inception all our line haul vehicles have been fitted with “air-ride” suspension. This award winning innovation provides a very smooth ride, virtually eliminating carton chafe usually encountered on long hauls. Your customers might refuse to accept chafed cartons. We remove this problem.
Our line haul vehicles have mezzanine floors which prevent compaction and protect your goods from being crushed – especially on long trips such as across the Nullarbor. Another potential problem for you eliminated. Our depots have undercover loading facilities providing full protection from the elements, so your goods don’t get wet even on the rainiest days.
Safety is a top priority for AirRoad. We ensure our drivers actively abide by driver fatigue legislation and keep our vehicles well maintained. Two drivers on long hauls mean someone fresh at the wheel at all times. These days an accident can result in legal action for negligence against not only the carrier but also the consignor. Fresh drivers and well maintained vehicles are prime defenses against this.
That’s why we can deliver certainty to you and your customers.
Quick facts
> Providers of time sensitive premium Australia-wide express transportation.
> Attention to detail throughout the transportation process to ensure we deliver items in full and on time (DIFOT) more than 98.16% of the time.
> All line haul vehicles have “air-ride” suspension.
> Vehicles are fitted with immobilisers and world-leading Abloy® locks.
> Vehicles are equipped with satellite tracking devices. 

> Over 150 pickup and delivery vehicles nationally ranging from 2 -15 tonne capacity.

> Goods consigned under our express transportation services are delivered overnight to adjacent capital cities on the eastern seaboard.