Rayleigh Instruments 60-200A Easywire CT | Current Transformer


The Rayleigh Instruments - 60-200A Easywire CT has been designed to save up to 90% installation time compared to a standard current transformer to meter installation.


Features of this product

Patented technology
RJ45 connector output
Safe to leave transformer on load with output disconnected
Fits standard moulded circuit breaker frame sizes
From 60A to 200A Primary current input available
330mV output
Sealable RJ45 connection
76mm width
25mm bar centres
30 x 15mm apertures
Accuracy Class 1
Why Choose This Product

This three phase current transformer is suitable for monitoring current in industrial and commercial applications and is designed to connect to the easywire® series of metering products.
Built-in limiting circuitry ensures the secondary of the current transformer is always under load and clamped to a safe level. This means that the output connection may be safely disconnected while under load.
Improved design features of these easywire® current transformers include a robust ‘snap-on’ DIN rail fixing, captive busbar location screw fittings, insulated busbar location feet, sealable (anti-tamper) RJ45 connection sockets and moulded load direction indication arrows on the CT shoulders.
The RI-CT240-EW is available with a horizontal RJ45 socket (stock) or with a vertical RJ45 socket (to order).
The RI-CT240-EW is available in 6 models with Primary Current : 60A, 100A, 125A, 150A, 160A and 200A.
(All models have easywire® (RJ45) 330mV Output).

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