Condition Monitoring & Torque Measurement - DATAFLEX®

By Deanquip Powertrans Hydraulics & Tools

  • Complete solution for measuring torque and speed at low cost
  • New patented measurement technique
  • Very high signal bandwith
  • Maintenance-free, contactless
  • No slip rings or telemetry necessary

DATAFLEX® measures torques without contact or radio frequency, is maintenance-free and has a high frequency of response – all at low cost. Its secret is an innovative, patented measuring method. The new optical – electronic light method senses the twisting of the torsion shaft and does not use wire strain gauges. The light is passed through 2 slotted disks and the transmission ratio of light changes proportionally to the torque as the disks rotate relative to one another.

All electronics are located in a stationary housing, so that neither data nor energy is transmitted from the rotating shaft.

The advantages: Accurate torque measurement with a band width of more than 15 kHz without maintenance wearing pickups.