Zip-Tech™: Fastening Technology


Wilson Tool has introduced a unique new tool that can eliminate expensive fastening methods by fabricating metal snaps.

You’ve never seen anything like Zip-Tech™. It's a completely new tooling solution—and a completely new tooling concept—from Wilson Tool International® and Zip-Tech™ LLC that eliminates the use of expensive fastening methods to join metal parts together in certain applications.

Thanks to the continual commitment to developing new products that help customers be more successful, Wilson Tool has introduced Zip-Tech™Fastening Technology to address the fabricating industry's need to eliminate expensive fastening methods in some applications. As the leading independent tooling consultant to metal fabricators for 35 years, Wilson Tool knows that welding and grinding operations along with spotwelding and other fastening methods are time-consuming and labor-intensive. Plus, some of these methods cannot be used when joining pre-finished or dissimilar metals, prohibiting the configuration of certain metal combinations in finished products.

Expected to be particularly useful to fabricators of electrical enclosures, Wilson Tool’s new Zip-Tech™ lance and form tool fabricates snaps to join metal parts together without time-consuming welding and grinding operations, spot-welding or other fastening methods. Via these snaps, the metal sheets are connected so tightly they virtually can’t be pulled apart. The conventional methods of welding and grinding operations and spot-welding metals together have historically prevented some dissimilar or coated metals from being joined together. Welding and spot-welding most coated metals releases toxic gases from the coating. There are a few types of coated metals that can be safely welded or spot-welded. However, welding or spot-welding these coated metals typically corrodes the rust-resistance properties of the metals, prompting the need for extra steps to restore rust resistance.

Finally, Wilson Tool has provided a solution to this problem with its new Zip-Tech™ tool. Now, fabricators can join metal parts—literally in a snap.