Wilson Tool Staged Bending Solutions


As smaller press brake runs become more routine, valuable production time is often lost on performing multiple setups. Press brake fabricators can significantly improve productivity by minimizing setup time with staged bending solutions from Wilson Tool. Our progressive approach to press brake tooling can improve workflow and help make even complex short runs more cost-effective.

One Setup. Multiple Operations.
Staged bending enables press brake operators to carryout multiple bends with a single setup. With staged bending groups of tooling are set up progressively along the press brake then all bends on a single part are performed in succession. Staged bending simplifies complex short-run jobs by eliminating unproductive repetitive tasks – significantly reducing setup time, part handling and work-in-progress.

Standard Common Shut Height.
Wilson Tool is the first tooling manufacturer to offer staged bending. To accomplish staged tooling, each tool in a set must share a common shut height, meaning the total height of each punch and die combined is the same. Our Wilson American Precision™ press brake tooling offers a common shut height as a standard feature, making staged bending quick and easy.