Wilson Multi-Scribe


No More Tool Changes.

The Wilson Multi-Scribe™ sheet marking tool is ideal for an unlimited range of sheet marking applications. Multi-Scribe can be used for both sheet scribing and dot-matrix marking on a wide range of materials, eliminating the need to change tools every time you need to make a different mark. Unbeatable Accuracy.

A long-lasting diamond tip and variable scribe depth ensures the accuracy of marks from logos to serial numbers. The unique design allows for consistent mark depth even when surface variations occur. And Multi-Scribe won’t deform the material or mark the underside of the sheet.

Make Your Mark with Multi-Scribe.

The Wilson Multi-Scribe is available in Thick, Thin, Fab, Trumpf® and 114 Wiedemann® tooling styles.

The Wilson Multi-Scribe is Ideal for:

  • Sheet scribing or dot-matrix marking
  • Marking a variety of materials
  • Applications requiring a variable scribe depth
  • Providing a consistent mark depth
  • Thick, Thin, Fab, Trumpf® and 114 Wiedemann® tooling styles