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WILSON 2-4-1

By Sheetmetal Tooling Tech

Delivering Maximum Value.
There is no greater value than the Wilson 2-4-1 tooling system. With punches and dies that offer twice the amount of grind life, Wilson 2-4-1 tooling delivers maximum value along with the assurance of quality and accuracy offered by Wilson Tool. Wilson 2-4-1 is like getting two tools for the price of one.

Rely on the Wilson 2-4-1 for:

  • Dies that incorporate a die holder, die insert and shim pack to offer twice the grind life
  • Reduced cost and increased versatility. No die adapters are needed. Replace the die insert only when changing shape, dimension or clearance.
  • Fast deliveries on 2-4-1 tooling for Trumpf®, Pullmax®, Boschert®, Euromac and Haco Omes punch presses.
  • Punches with a unique high precision spacer design that increase grind life to an unprecedented .236” (6mm)
  • Keyed punches that load directly into the punch press to eliminate setting errors.
  • Punches and dies made of high speed steel to allow more hits between tool sharpenings and reduce downtime. Optima® coating is available on all punches for maximum tool life and galling resistence.