Trumpf-style Opti-Bend

By Sheetmetal Tooling Tech

Wilson Tool’s Opti-Bend tooling enables sheet metal fabricators to perform 90o bends on a punch press. Available for either thick turret or Trumpf® style machines, Opti-Bend tooling eliminates time-consuming secondary operations typically performed on a press brake.

Using a rotating cam built into the die, the machine stroke simulates the cycling of a press brake, producing simple 90o bends with little or no sheet marking.

Features of the tooling include:

Trumpf-style Opti-Bend

  • Opti-Bend’s special cam design minimizes sheet marking on soft or high polished materials
  • Allows for bending flanges with forms in them
  • Available in single hit and progressive styles
  • Works in Group I machines only [requires hover capability]
  • Maximum bend = 90o with the capability of 3o over bend.