Slug Hugger® 2


The Slug Pulling Solution
For a guaranteed solution to slug pulling problems that will maximize your press time and improve your productivity turn to Wilson Tool, the leading provider of tooling solutions for the punching industry. Manufacturers simply cannot afford to have their presses down for any amount of time. At Wilson Tool, our desire to provide innovative tooling solutions for our customers has lead us to develop the Slug Hugger® 2 die design to help eliminate the very costly problem of slug pulling.

The Slug Hugger® 2 design works on most material types and thicknesses including aluminum and stainless steel. Slug Hugger® 2 dies help eliminate scrapped parts, costly downtime, and possible press and tooling damage due to slug pulling. At Wilson Tool, our Slug Hugger® 2 dies include a performance guarantee. Our unique design helps eliminate unnecessary back-pressure on small punch tips by preventing packed slugs.

How Does it Work?
The Slug Hugger® 2 design grabs the slug just below the cutting surface of the die and retains the slug during the stripping process. “Precision Nips” extend the entire height of the die, helping to guide the slugs through the relief. This design doesn’t leave any marks or burrs on the finished part. The Slug Hugger® 2 “nips” hold the slugs in the die and drags it through the relief when the next hit takes place. This feature allows for less galling and slug packing when punching materials such as aluminum and galvanized steel. In addition, the effectiveness of the Slug Hugger® 2 will not be compromised when the tool is sharpened.

Our Guarantee!
Try the Slug Hugger® 2 dies to control your slug pulling. We guarantee that your slug pulling problems will be eliminated!