Rolling Logo Wilson Wheel


In pursuit of greater speed and performance, sheet metal fabricators worldwide are discovering the Wilson Wheel® family of products. Together, the Wilson Wheel Rolling Shear, Rolling Rib, Rolling Offset and Rolling Pincher make up one of the most revolutionary lines of tooling in the metal fabricating industry.

Now four special new rolling tools join the Wilson Wheel family of products. The Rolling Logo, Rolling Knurl, Rolling EKO and Rolling Flare offer fabricators the same flexible, high-speed production with virtually no burrs or nibble marks. The Wilson Wheel family of products cuts cycle times, reduces waste and produces higher quality products to support all your lean manufacturing goals.

Rolling Logo
Produce logos larger than station size (e.g. 100mm long logo in a C station) on a wide range of material with the high-speed Rolling Logo tool. Logos can be started or ended anywhere on the sheet. Tonnage is reduced compared with single hit stamping.
Material Ranges:
0.8 – 3mm on aluminum, mild and stainless steel.