R-Series Multi-Tool®


Reduce Tool Costs.
Wilson Tool adds a new dimension to the flexibility offered by multi-tools with the R-Series Multi-Tool® for Finn-Power machines. R-Series Multi-Tools allow fabricators to select a punch and an angle with a single multi-tool. With the R-Series Multi-Tool, punches can be rotated to any desired angle, thereby reducing overall tool costs.

Multiple Station Options.
R-Series Multi-Tools are available in two models. The 3-station MT3Ri uses HP Thick Turret B-size punches and provides index tooling capacity up to 31.75 mm diameter. The MT8Ri has 8 tools of up to 16 mm diameter. Both fit D-index stations and can punch at any angle between 0 and 360°.

Load Less. Punch More.
With the R-Series Multi-Tool, Wilson Tool engineers have designed an innovative product that reduces the hassles and headaches commonly associated with multi-tools. Compared to conventional multi-tools, the unique drop-in style allows punches to be loaded and unloaded quickly and easily. And with fewer moving parts, R-Series Multi-Tools requires less maintenance.

Long Lasting Durability and Performance.
Every R-Series Multi-Tool is engineered from the strongest available tool steel. Each tool is hardened and precision ground for longer life and greater reliability, resulting in fewer alignment problems and less downtime. Targeted lubrication is provided by an intelligent internal lubrication system.

Improve Wear Resistance with Optima®.
Punches for R-Series Multi-Tools are available with Wilson’s exclusive Optima® coating. Developed by Wilson engineers, Optima provides a surface hardness, wear resistance and lubricity unmatched by any other coated or uncoated turret punch press tooling. The result is a longer tool life, more hits between sharpenings, reduced galling, better performance and less downtime.