European Style Staged Bending


Save Time with Staged Bending.
Wilson Tool is making it easier than ever for European Style press brake fabricators to dramatically improve productivity with staged bending tools for European Style press brakes. With staged bending, fabricators save valuable time by performing multiple bends with a single setup. Staged bending simplifies complex short-run jobs by eliminating unproductive repetitive tasks – significantly reducing setup time, part handling and work-in-progress.

Standard Common Shut Height.
Typically, completing multiple bends in a single press brake setup would require a skilled press brake operator to use special risers and shims to achieve a common shut height across all punches and dies. With the new staged bending tools for European Style press brakes, Wilson Tool provides an easier way to achieve common shut heights.

Our staged bending tools have common shut heights built in, allowing machine operators to carry out a series of bends in one setup without the complicated preparation process. Thirty-degree, offset, flattening, gooseneck and other tools are set up progressively in one press brake without the fear of punches and dies colliding.