Dura-Die Parting Tool


The Dura-Die parting tool completes Wilson Tool’s ultimate parting solution. When combined with Wilson Tool’s popular Dura-Blade product, you are able to greatly increase the life of your parting tools. When a new die is necessary, just replace the removable insert and you are quickly back up and running.

Available only from Wilson Tool, the Dura-Die parting tool includes the following features:

  • Unbeatable tool steel combination: The Dura-Die’s replaceable die inserts are made from Wilson Tool’s exclusive Ultima tool steel, allowing excellent wear resistance for maximum grind life. The die base is made from shock-resistant steel, allowing it to withstand even the highest punching force. Combined, these two steels give you the ultimate in durability and performance.
  • Economical replaceable inserts – just replace the die inserts for quick changeovers. These inserts are a lower cost alternative to replacing the entire die.
  • Available for standard parting in C, D, and E stations – close-to-clamp is available in D and E stations.
  • Available with positive and SlugHugger2 relief options