Static torque transducers

By Bestech Australia

Static torque transducers using strain gauge technology are designed to measure the torque of non rotating parts. Static torque sensors are used in applications where in-line torque measurement is required while angular motion is limited.
Furthermore, the combination of torque sensors and DIN standard couplings corresponds to power density and market requirements that ensure the long lasting high performance of the torque sensor. Next to various keyway hubs, tension rings and clamping hubs, a flange connection and 6 different shaft-hub-connections are available. Reaction torque transducers ranging from 0.005-20,000 Nm with high accuracy and excellent temperature stability are the right choice for static torque measurement.
Static Torque Transducers for reaction torque measurement and survey of assembly tools available from Bestech Australia possess desirable features of high accuracy and quality with compact designs. Variety of mechanical connections is offered to adapt to specific applications. 
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