Weldable strain gauges

By Bestech Australia

The weldable strain gauges generally have a simple construction consisting of a fine electric resistance wire or photo-etched metallic resistance foil, together with an electrical insulation base and a set of gauge leads. The AW series of weldable strain gauges are typically installed by spot-welding onto metal surfaces for use in harsh environments, such as on engines, heated turbines or field sites for long periods.
Each model has a stainless steel or inconel carrier backing and the element itself is made from a special alloy. An important feature of the weldable strain gauge series is the capability of measurement in high temperature. Both static and dynamic strain measurements can be made in temperatures of up to 800°C. Quarter bridge and full bridge constructions are available and strain limits range from 0.5% to 1.0%, depending on the specific type of strain gauge.
TML strain gauges are widely used for physical force measurements in mechanical, marine, aircraft and civil engineering as well as the fields of architecture, automotive and medical science.
TML strain gauges are field-proven products that meet the highest standards of quality, accuracy and performance in the industry. Satisfy the requirements of customers ranging from research facilities to civil engineering as well as construction companies. Meanwhile, a wide variety of strain measurement accessories to complete strain gauge applications is available for selection.
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