Foil Strain Gauges for General Purposes

By Bestech Australia

TML Strain Gauge from Bestech Australia are widely used for physical force measurement in mechanical, marine, aircraft and civil engineering as well as the fields of architecture, automotives, and medical science. 
For strain gauge measurement, various bridge configureations are employed according to the number of strain gauges to be used and measuring purpose. In quarter bridge  configuration, three wire method is widely used to remove the effect of temperature to gauge leadwire resistance.
The universal strain gauges for general purposes and stress concentration measurement are grid-shaped metallic resistive foil type, which is available in a wide range of grid shapes and gauge sizes to suit a variety of applications. 
TML strain gauges are field-proven products that meet the highest standards of quality, accuracy and performance in the industry. Satisfy the requirements of customers ranging from research facilities to civil engineering as well as construction companies. Meanwhile, a wide variety of strain measurement accessories to complete strain gauge applications is available for selection.
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