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Wed Jun 26 2019

Small networkable industrial grade thermal imager NEC S30

By Applied Infrared Sensing

This new NEC S30 economically priced, fixed-mount type infrared thermal imager with compact form factor and aluminium IP67 protected housing is quite unique and arguably the best choice available in the industry.

The infrared camera is controlled and operated over LAN through Ethernet port. Still and moving IR images can be acquired and monitored remotely. Software Development Kit (SDK) comes with the unit to facilitate integration. Contact Alarm output (for temperatures measured above and below the set threshold) is available as well.

There are 2 choices of measuring temperature ranges: S30W (-20 to +350°C) or S30H (0 to 600°C).

In addition to thermal imaging, it is equipped with visible light camera (with additional analogue video output). Still images acquired through Ethernet are embedded with visible images recorded in SIX format.