Motion Reference Modules (MRM)

By Bestech Australia
  • Motion Reference Modules (MRM)
  • Motion Reference Modules (MRM)
  • Motion Reference Modules (MRM)
  • Motion Reference Modules (MRM)

The MRM analog IMU’s feature bias anGladiator Technologies is a leading designer and manufacturer of world class high performance MEMS Gyros & Accelerometers, Systems and Integrated GPS based on their over 100 years experiences.d scale factor modelling over the entire operating range, compensation for g sensitivity and misalignment as well as internal vibration isolation, precision alignment and environmental sealing for robust performance in hash applications.

Motion Reference Modules (MRMs) are single or multi-axis sensors that designed to measure the six possible degrees of freedom, i.e. roll, pitch, yaw, surge, heave, and sway motions. Motion reference modules are widely used in high speed craft motion control and damping systems, vessel motion monitoring, heave compensation of offshore cranes, ocean wave measurement and etc.


  • Better bias and lower noise;
  • Low power, low voltage;
  • Lightweight with small dimensions.

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