Thermal Imaging Cameras for Electrical and Mechanical Equipment

By Flir Systems Australia

A FLIR thermal imager is a great instrument in providing an accurate scan and visualization of machinery and electrical equipment. It is commonly used to determine the distribution of temperature of these machinery surfaces for maintenance and monitoring purposes.

Damage is often prevented through the use of a FLIR portable cameras. Power generation, transmission and distribution failures can be averted before they occur. It is a great tool that can be used in inspecting equipment, components and electrical power supply systems. Many manufacturing industries today use the FLIR inspection cameras to identify possible problems in pumps, process valves, storage tanks, motor control centres and more.

Aside from its great use in the manufacturing industry, FLIR thermal cameras are well-known in hospitals, hotels, offices, production and other industries. Contractors and inspectors trust the capability of these devices because of their fast and accurate detection of hot spots. Moreover, FLIR thermal cameras precisely measure the temperature of various electrical and mechanical equipment in a non-contact manner and without the need to shut systems down, making the work safer, easier, and cost effective.

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