Thermal Cameras for Energy Efficiency Systems in Buildings

By Flir Systems Australia

Infrared cameras from FLIR are useful in detecting energy waste and other electrical problems in buildings. With the help of infrared cameras, it is easier for inspectors to locate the areas where energy loss takes place. Aside from these, FLIR infrared cameras have so much more to offer. Here are the other benefits of having a FLIR infrared Camera:



Fast Building Diagnostics



With the help of thermal imaging cameras, energy waste, moisture, plumbing, and electrical issues are easily recognised even in areas that are hard to locate using the naked eye.


Easy Energy Auditing and Home Inspections


The pathway of air leakage is complex and very difficult to determine. Without the help of these cameras, it is nearly impossible to identify these air leakages.


Useful in Property & Facility Management


Portable infrared cameras are an important tool in electrical, mechanical and structural systems maintenance, and will help you detect problems, provide guidance to correct them and increase the safety at work.


Accurate Scans on HVAC Systems


A FLIR thermal camera enables you to scan the whole building quickly and accurately, providing invaluable data on plumbing, ventilation and sealing issues.


Building Restoration and Moisture Detection

Water ingress and condensation can lead to signification problems in buildings. With FLIR infrared camera systems the extent of moisture, mold, or fire damage is efficiently and effectively assessed, fulfilling the needs of the homeowner and insurance company, and making quoting and reporting a simple process.,  

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