FLIR Infrared Cameras

By Flir Systems Australia


FLIR Systems is a pioneer in thermal imaging solutions. Since 1978, the company has been producing advanced systems and components for a full range of thermal imaging applications. Introducing the FLIR Infrared Cameras.

Built to withstand the demands of the toughest and harshest working conditions, FLIR Infrared Cameras are designed to seamless work in applications such as electrical and mechanical inspections,  condition monitoring and predictive maintenance; automated industrial operations; building diagnostics; gas leak imaging; science, and research and development; security and maritime thermal night vision. The range covers entry level thermal imaging cameras designed to be as easy as point, shoot, detect ; fixed automation, maritime, and security systems, easily integrated into existing monitoring systems; to highly sophisticated and complex science and surveillance cameras.


FLIR Systems offers the most suitable Infrared Thermal Imaging Cameras for specific applications, including:


  • Electrical Inspection Cameras
  • Building Diagnostic Cameras
  • Thermal Night Vision Cameras
  • Gas Imaging Cameras
  • Science and R&D Infrared imaging Cameras
  • Industrial and mechanical thermal imaging Cameras
  • Condition Monitoring Cameras
  • Security Thermal Cameras Systems
  • Surveillance Cameras
  • Compact Infrared Cameras
  • Portable Infrared Cameras
  • Martitime Thermal Imaging Cameras


For your every monitoring purpose, there is a suitable FLIR Infrared Camera that will meet your requirements.


For product enquiries, contact FLIR using the contact details below.