Thermal Solutions for R&D and Science applications


Infrared thermography has proven to be an invaluable tool to solve a wide range of scientific questions and problesm.  FLIR has developed the widest range of infrared cameras for the R&D and science sector. Cameras that are tailored to the specific needs of FLIR’s customers and suitable for numerous R&D applications.

The thermal cameras from FLIR are designed for research and development process due to their ability to withstand highly sensitive conditions. These cameras can detect the slightest change in temperature making it easier to characterize material properties accurately. Thermal imagers are also capable of measuring non-contact temperature. The infrared sensors present in these cameras make them capable of providing accurate data in almost all research conditions.

Examples of dedicated applications for which FLIR offers unique solutions.

Research & Development

Infrared cameras can characterize material properties and supply rapid noncontact temperature measurement in the most demanding conditions. A wide array of infrared sensor types and available optics make infrared imaging indispensable in many research environments.

Infrared Microscopy

An infrared camera combined with a microscope becomes a thermal imaging microscope, capable of accurate temperature measurement on targets as small as 3 microns.

Short Wave Infrared (SWIR)

Short Wave IR (SWIR) Imaging provides non-destructive quantitative analysis of crops, pharmaceuticals, agricultural products, and lasers. Because SWIR can penetrate many opaque materials, it is also used to see through haze, examine art forgeries, and inspect semiconductor wafers.

High Speed/Stop Motion

High-speed infrared imaging allows microsecond exposure times that stop the apparent motion of dynamic scenes and permit capture frame rates exceeding 10,000 frames per second. Applications include thermal and dynamic analysis of jet engine turbine blades, supersonic projectiles, and explosions.

Life Sciences

Thermography is an accurate, quantifiable, non-contact diagnostic technique used to visualize and quantify changes in surface temperatures using high performance infrared cameras.

Infrared Signatures

IR signatures measure a target’s apparent infrared brightness as a function of wavelength and reveal the appearance of a target to sensors under varying conditions of standoff distance and atmosphere. IR signatures are valuable tools in the design of vehicle, sensor, and camouflage systems.

Infrared Non-Destructive Testing (IR NDT)

IR NDT can detect internal defects through target excitation and the observation of thermal differences on a target surface. IR NDT is a valuable tool for detecting voids, delaminations, and water inclusion in composites. Another application is the detection of shunts and charge density in solar cells.

Other applications include:

  • Automation and process control
  • Infrared tracking to complement video track in low visibility conditions
  • Testing directed-energy weapons and laser designation
  • Identifying heat signatures from covert surveillance devices
  • And many more


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