Non-Contact Temperature Sensor: IRt/c

By Duff and Macintosh

Self Powered IRt/c's
The most reliable non contact temperature sensors on earth. No active electronics, so these passive devices can not fail. Mean Time Between Failure reports have been documented with a rate of > 1,000 years between failures. The patented technology separates the IRt/c from all other non contact temperature products. If you are building reliable equipment, reliable sensors that will minimize downtime and increase your production should be on there.
Self Powered IRt/c's are The Most Reliable Non-Contact Sensors on Earth!
Mean Time Between Failure rate > 1,000 years
IRt/c’s are Intrinsically Safe just like conventional t/c’s
PRINCIPLES OF OPERATION: The self-generated IRt/c output matches a conventional t/c within specific temperatures close to the calibration point. The IRt/c also features ambient temperature compensation, true accuracy is held with changes in ambient temperature, at temperatures close to the calibration point.
IRt/c vs. conventional t/c mv output: The IRt/c mV signal output matches a t/c at it's calibration point, and is 2% linear at temperatures close to that point. The IRt/c signals are repeatable and predictable, see the comparison of the IRt/c and conventional t/c curves.
Also go to: for the signal output tables in excel format.
Turbocharge Your Product Line With Exergen IRt/c Technology! Reduce set-up time and scrap, increase product quality, throughput and profitability, whatever the product or process with IRt/c’s.