Fluke 62 Mini Non Contact Thermometer

By Fluke Australia

Fluke Australia - Fluke has introduced four new models to its line of infrared (IR) thermometers. The Fluke 62 Mini is a convenient general-purpose non-contact thermometer. Its is an ideal tool for first time users of infrared non-contact temperature measurement technology.

Technicians can easily find anomalies in electrical panels and motors, heating and air conditioning systems, and verify product conformity safely and quickly.  It is rugged enough for industrial environments, small enough to keep handy and inexpensive enough for every member of the team to have. The 62 Mini has a temperature range of –30 to 500°C (-20 to 932°F), a distance-to-spot (D:S) Ratio of 10:1 and it uses a popular single-dot laser sighting system that indicates the centre of the measurement spot.

The 62 Mini also comes with a handy storage pouch that can be snapped to your belt, keeping quick temperature checks at your fingertips.

Features of Fluke 62 Mini Non-Contact Thermometer:

* Expanded measurement range up to 500ºC (932 ºF)
* High accuracy: 1% and repeatability: 0.5%
  ( best accuracy in its class)
* Laser targeting
* Backlit display for poorly lit areas
* Holds temperature readings
* Scan and hold modes shown on display
* Displays current and MAX measurements
* Protective rubber boot for added durability
* Ergonomic macro grip on handle
* Fitted carrying case
* 2 year Warranty