9938 MET/TEMP II Auto Temp Calibration Software

By Fluke Australia

Fluke Australia - MET/TEMP II (Model 9938) is Hart Scientifics'latest temperature calibration automation software.

A combination of Hart's former Calibrate-it and Generate-it software, MET/TEMP II interfaces with Fluke's industry leading asset management software, MET/TRACK, to provide a complete system for temperature calibration and equipment management. Users of Fluke's MET/TEMP software and Hart's Calibrate-it software can easily upgrade to this integrated system. MET/TEMP II is extremely flexible, supporting a wide variety of thermometer readouts and heat sources, and allowing for custom configurations. It can run in fully automated, semi-automated, or manual modes depending on test configuration, equipment used, and instruments being calibrated.

MET/TEMP II incorporates Hart's expertise in temperature metrology to creat a Microsoft Windows based software package that is measurably superior to competitors' software products. It beats the competition with the following unique features:

* Interfaces with Fluke's MET/TRACK software (version 7.0 or later), providing calibration and maintenance history, traceability, and report design capability
* Enables use of fixed-point instruments as heat sources
* Facilitates calibrations of heat sources, themselves, such as Hart dry-wells and Micro-Baths
* Enables tracking of serial numbers, model numbers, and recall dates of test equipment and sensors under test
* Supports Fluke Hydra and 500 Series dry-wells
* Calibrates virtually every kind of temperature sensor, up to 100 sensors at a time at up to 40 points

MET/TEMP II works with virtually all of Hart's temperature heat sources and thermometer readouts, with no special drivers needed for different pieces of equipment. It's also inexpensive relative to competitors'prices and a virtual "steal" compared to the cost of developing a proprietary system.

The most significant value of MET/TEMP II software may be its ability to sell Hart hardware. Because MET/TEMP II beats the software packages offered by Isotech and others, it creates a powerful incentive for customers to purchase the hardware that integrates with it. Customers doing a lot of repetitive temperature calibrations or looking to set up secondary laboratories are particulary well suited for MET/TEMP II.