Fixed mounting online Infrared Thermometers

Temperature Calibration & Thermometers
Fixed mounting online Infrared Thermometers for industrial applications in maintenance, process monitoring and R&D can read accurate temperature in a non-contact measurement manner. Online infrared temperature sensors provide fast response time, online detection and adjustable of emissivity, optional USB programming interface and free software.
IR temperature sensors of the thermoMETER CT series are most durable, robust and reliable with an extreme long service life. IR temperature sensors can operate in 250°C environment without cooling and are used in a variety of applications within any industry from R&D to production and process monitoring. Stationary IR temperature sensors measure a wide temperature range from -50℃ in cooling processes or labs to 2200℃ on molten metals. 
With any thermometer sensor that has a digital interface option the compactCONNECT software is included for free to provide display, graphic charts and recording of temperature readings. The freeware features easy system configuration, sensor calibration, sophisticated signal processing and programmable input/output channels.
Temperature measurement of glass (high speed version)
Sensors for the metal sector
Suitable for use in harsh environment
Extensive mounting accessories
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