Infrared handheld pyrometers

Temperature Calibration & Thermometers
Infrared handheld pyrometers with laser aiming beam are ideally for fast mobile temperature measurement such as inspection and maintenance.
IR thermoMeters have various configurations and designs, which differ in optics, electronics, technology, size and housing. Nevertheless, the way of how the signals are processed is the same: It always starts with an infrared signal and ends with an electronic temperature output signal. 
The LS handheld thermometer is the most sophisticated IR hand held device. It provides an accurate measurement with its precision optics (adjustable for close or far field focus) and marks the actual true measurement with a laser crosshair, eliminating the guesswork out of handheld IR devices. It is fully programmable, offers a digital interface for on and offline data logging and includes a thermocouple plug in. 
Universal device and high precision
Accurate reading with laser sighting beam and/or crosshair marking
Programmable emissivity
High and low limits
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