Thermal imaging camera

By Bestech Australia

Thermal Imager (also referred to as thermal imaging camera, infrared camera or infrared imager) based on infrared imaging technology provides visual thermograms that are images of radiation in infrared range of 9-14µm. Thermal imaging camera detects heat patterns, temperature values or changes in objects and is used for condition monitoring in machinery and medical industry, or process monitoring in manufacturing
Thermal imaging cameras can detect and measure temperatures on a surface. The thermal imaging camera series TIM is designed for precise measurement tasks due to the high thermal sensitivity. Powered from just one USB cable, the system is absolutely plug and play.
Different classes of performance models allow the use of an appropriate model for the right applications.
Temperature distributions at surfaces can be captured within 1ms interval
Combination and synchronization of visual image (VIS) and thermal image (IR)
USB cable extension up to 100m (over Ethernet)
LabVIEW interface/port
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