Stamosens 0125 DF- Torque Transducer Sensor

By S I Instruments

SI Instruments - The special design of DF-torque sensor makes it very suitable for many test rig applications.

Test bed for engines, dynamometer, wheel load simulation, gear boxes and pumps are only a few possibilities.


The rotor of the torque sensor is fixed by means of a shrink disc (part of delivery) to the shaft arrangement. the stator is moved over the rotor and held by a support (part of delivery).

All other parts will be mounted directly to the measuring side of the sensor. There are no additional adapters necessary.

Special Features of Stamosens 0125 DF - Torque Transducer Sensor:

  • Strain gage principle

  • Non-contact digitally signal transmission

  • High accuracy

  • ┬▒% V output signal of nominal range

  • Electric calibration of sensor

  • No bearings, maintenance-free

  • Short and stiff design

  • Simple exitation, 24 VDC

  • CE-permission

  • Traceable calibration

  • Option:
    -Speed signal (N)
    -Frequency output (F)

Example of applications of Stamosens 0125 DF - Torque Transducer Sensor:

  • Gear box test bed

  • Engine test bed

  • Calibration of sensor

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