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Basic Force Gauge

By S I Instruments

SI Instruments - Basic Force Gauge - robust easy to use -excellent for shop floor.Mecmesin Limited manufacture force and torque gauges for quality control applications in manufacturing.

The Mecmesin BFG is an easy to use, high specification force gauge, used to measure force in both tension and compression.

This is a versatile instrument that can be hand held or mounted on a test stand. The Mecmesin BFG is particularly robust and easy to use; excellent for shop floor applications. The load cell is mechanically and electronically overload protected. The Mecmesin BFG is standard fitted with an RS 232 computer output, which can be interfaced to our DataPlot charting software - please ask for more details.

The Mecmesin BFG is fitted with an output for further communications to the PC. It can be interfaced to the EasyPlot charting software.

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  • 6 Models from 10N to 2500N capacity

  • Data capture rate 1000Hz

  • Accuracy +/-0.25% F.S.D. +/-1 L.S.D.

  • Resolution 1 Part in 5000

  • Peak load hold for tension and compression

  • RS 232 and Mitutotyo output

  • Programmable automatic switch off

  • Backlight display possible

  • Reversible display (upside down)

  • Wide range of fixtures & accessories

  • CE Approved