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Advanced Force Gauge- AFG Mark 4

By S I Instruments

SI Instruments - The Advanced Force Gauge (Mark 4) is the most versatile and fully-featured Digital Force Gauge offered by Mecmesin.

Mecmesin Digital Force Gauges are state of the art instruments, specifically designed to measure force in tension and compression (push or pull) with optimum precision and performance.

· 10 Models from 2.5N to 2.5kN capacity
· Data capture rate 5000 Hz
· Accuracy +/-0.1% F.S.D. +/-1 L.S.D.
· Resolution 1 Part in 5000
· 1st & Ultimate Peak Capture
· Pass/Fail Alarms
· External Triggering - Freeze Reading
· External 'Smart' Force & Torque Transducer Recognition
· Wide range of fixtures & accessories
· CE Approved
· Bluetooth Enabled

The AFG comprises of 10 different models ranging from 2.5N to 2.5KN with the added ability of 1st peak and ultimate peak hold. The bi-directional interface (RS232, Mitutoyo, Analogue) ensures full data transfer between PC's, data-loggers and Mecmesin stands. All AFG's feature superb accuracy at ±0.1% of full scale and a sampling rate of 5,000 times per second.
Used either handheld or combined with a test stand and accessories, the Advanced Force Gauge offers a complete testing solution for a virtually limitless range of tension and compression applications.

The Mecmesin AFG is fitted with an output for further communications to a PC and can be interfaced to the EasyPlot charting software.

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