4100 MD 9000- Portable Torque Analyser

By S I Instruments

SI Instruments - Microprocessor controlled measuring unit with LCD display for torque and rotation angle measurement.

Application of 4100 MD 9000 - Portable Torque Analyser:

  • Continuous dynamic monitoring of all torque controlled power tools

  • Evaluation and control of screw drivers for "turn-off screwdrivers" vis logic or relay outputs or off line set up and verification of power tools

  • Statistical evaluation of screwing operations

  • Testing and recalibrating torque wrenches

  • Retraceable testing of other torque measuring devices

  • Control of nutrunner equipment (controlled by torque and/or rotation angle)

Special Features of 4100 MD 9000 - Portable Torque Analyser:

  • Connection of all static or dynamic strain gauge transducers. Even load cells (tension and compression) can be connected.

  • Connection of rotational brushless working torque transducers ass. To d/s 0170 and slipring transducers acc. d/s 0143.

  • Easy to handle by menu guidance via LCD graphics display (additional background light switchable).

  • An electronic charger for the accumulator is part of delivery. The level of charging is indicated.

Measuring Procedures of 4100 MD 9000 - Portable Torque Analyser:

  • Torque: peak value (single/plural measuring)

  • Torque: continuous measuring

  • Torque - angle measurement (option W)

  • Measuring Curves: Md = f (time)
    with option W: Md = f (angle)

Additional Features of 4100 MD 9000 - Portable Torque Analyser:

  • 10 parameter sets with 200 values each can be stored

  • Statistic evaluation

  • external control of up to 8 setpoint records

  • Presentation of torque vs time and torque vs angle diagrams (option W) on display

  • Automatic range detectation, electric calibration and zero adjustment of transducer