CAST Supply Chain Modelling - for Manufacturers



Lexian Solutions and Barloworld Optimus offers strategic network design, optimization software and consulting services to leading manufacturing organisations in the entire major consumer markets across the globe with their Australian and New Zealand markets been covered by Lexian Solutions.

The flexibility of the CAST modelling software and its ease of use ensure a seamless application across all manufacturing industry sectors and geographies, where there is supply chain complexity. This normally includes multi-tiered manufacturing, warehousing and multi-mode transportation options.
In particular, leading global consumer goods manufacturers such as Colgate Palmolive, Coca-Cola Germany, Unilever and SAB Miller, not only use the CAST software to identify the optimal warehousing, transportation and inventory mix within their country supply chains, but also to optimize their manufacturing, production and sourcing capabilities.

We have manufacturing clients using CAST to evaluate the cost benefits of moving manufacturing from the US & Western Europe to low cost manufacturing bases in Asia and Eastern Europe. Whilst they may benefit from lower manufacturing costs, such a strategy inevitably generates longer, more variable lead-times into the country of consumption and has significant implications on resulting inventory levels in the network.
To remain competitive, companies must now not only consider the domestic supply chain of warehouses and carriers but also the choice of entry port, along with the associated infrastructure capacities, handling charges and international shipping rates. The extension of the global supply chain means that manufacturers must also look at the opportunities for freight and container consolidation within the country of origin and the choice of exit port. Globalisation brings greater opportunities, but also greater complexity thereby raising the need for planning tools and software that can take into consideration all of these micro and macro elements.