Carbon Emissions Modelling - CAST-CO² software

By Lexian Solutions


Benefits of CAST-CO² Software
Companies are able to analyse the carbon footprint of their supply chains and then evaluate different design configurations and transport options before making operational changes.
By calculating the carbon footprint of any supply chain together with optimal designs based on cost and service levels, companies can often find ways to reduce costs and carbon emissions at the same time.

This comprehensive approach, at the design stage, enables companies to look at a range of supply chain strategies and configurations for minimising carbon emissions.

In a recent example, savings of 9% were made in supply chain costs with a 28% reduction in carbon emissions.

Current initiatives
Current international initiatives like the Kyoto Protocol, Carbon Disclosure project, and the increasing adherence to Corporate and Social Responsibility (CSR) policies are clear indicators that it will not be long before all responsible organisations will be looking at reducing carbon emissions as an integral part of their supply chain planning process.


CAST and CAST-CO² represent leading technology to model both the supply chain and its environmental impact in one software solution.