Excell 310 - The future of strech wrapping technology

By Integrated Packaging

  • Suitable for 50mm & 76mm film cores
  • 240 VAC (10A) power supply
  • 80 mm turntable height
  • 2000 kg turntable capacity
  • 2200mm standard wrap height
  • Turntable speed max 15 (RPM)
  • AC variable speed drives
  • PLC controlled
  • Push buttons
  • Photo eye sensor detects various product height automatically
  • Selectable cycles (i.e. Full wrap – Light wrap - Top sheet)
  • Safety crush prevention device fitted to film carriage
  • Cycle Counter counts the number of pallets wrapped (Including service alarm)
  • Top and bottom wraps adjustable (1, 2 or 3)
  • 500mm friction brake (Variable tension control)
  • Forklift transportable / front & rear access (Fork-tine outside width 1040mm)

Optional extras

  • Extended column (2600mm wrap height)
  • Standard low profile ramp (1500mm x 1330mm)
  • Extended low profile ramp (1500mm x 2050mm)
  • Extra extended low profile ramp (1500mm x2800mm)
  • Weigh scales (non trade approved)
  • Top Platen (electric motor driven)
  • Black eye PE (to detect black or dark products)
  • Low profile heavy duty turntable option 3000Kg
  • High profile heavy duty turntable option 2000Kg
  • Extended base for pallets (for 2400mm x 1200mm products/pallets)


  • Up to 30 loads per hour