King Powered Turntable - Stretch Wrapper

By King Group
  • King Powered Turntable - Stretch Wrapper

The King Powered Turntable is the low cost option to semi automating your stretch wrapping problem - that of walking backwards, whilst pulling the film tight, and becoming dizzy!
Let the Powered Turntable do all the work! You simply stand with your foot on the on/off controller, then pay out the film from the hand film dispenser, and let the turntable rotate the load.
The Powered Turntable can accommodate any long or awkward shaped load as there is no film carriage post in the way. You can also stop it at any time - say to place a weather-proofing top cover over the load.
The deck is only 260mm above floor level, and with sleeves which accommodate your hand pallet truck, it can be moved instantly - or it can even be stored on your racking out of the way when you dont need it.
With 1500 Kgs of capacity and a chequer plate top to prevent the pallet from spinning, plus the octagonal shape to allow you to bind the load to the pallet by passing the film under the corner of the pallet, this versatile stretch wrapper fills the gap between hand wrapping and automatic machine wrapping.
If you can reach to the top of the load, then the King Powered Turntable - Stretch Wrapper is for you.