Safety When Strapping

Steel & Plastic Strapping

Australian Warehouse Solutions - Clean up steel strapping safely and remove unwanted excess waste with Sweed Choppers.

Once steel strapping is removed from loads, it gets thrown aside. Steel strapping is especially risky material, when these serpentine pieces are handled or stuffed into a waste bin placing employees in danger.

With strategically placed Sweed choppers, employees handle strap only once to put it into the choppers. These choppers cut the strap into small pieces that drip safely into a collection bin. Chopped steel strap is sold as scrap metal which also dramtically reduces waste dumping charges. The revenue can offset the purchase or rent of a chopper.

Polyester and Polypropylene strapping can also be chopped for your recycling bin and can also be sold as scrap.

Essentially, Sweed chopping machines provide immediate OH & S benefits and a loss-prevention program.

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