High Volume Sweed Strap Chopper

By Australian Warehouse Solutions

Australian Warehouse Solutions - The Sweed Strap Chopper model 510 eliminates dangerous waste, while producing a scrap PET strap, available for re-sale.

Sweed Strap Chopper 510 – High volume

The Sweed chopper 510 is now available ex-stock from Australian Warehouse Solutions.

Eliminate dangerous waste while producing resalable recyclable scrap PET strap. The sale of this waste can easily offset industrial bin charges. The chopped strap is easily reduced from a 3 metre (large) industrial bin to a mere 200-litre drum.

For easy maintenance, the Model 510 has been designed with a hinged feed-works, making it an excellent choice for in-line placement. Like all Sweed Choppers these units pack the power to get the job done.