By Freeman Roofing

Durable, easy care, Freeline Fascia Gutter provides highly efficient rainwater disposal systems that aesthetically complement any home.

Labour Efficient: Quick to install, snap-on gutter brackets allow easy adjustment of
gutter fall. Installed only by Freeman Roofing approved fixers to ensure quality workmanship.

Strength: Manufactured from steel, Freeline Fascia Gutter will not buckle or warp. Swages enhance appearance and help prevent distortion.

Long Run: Custom manufactured to length, avoiding the need for joins in most applications.

Pitch: Freeline Fascia Gutter is suitable for pitch roofs with flat soffits and roofs of 30degrees ptich with sloping soffits.

Colour Choice: A wide range of standard colours is available. Additional colours and coatings are available on request.