Weir Skimmers

By Global Spill & Safety

A weir skimmer is used to remove oil from the water.  A weir skimmer has three connected floats supporting a central shallow dish.  The top of the dish sits 10mm - 20mm below the surface of the water. Upon starting the skimmer the water in the dish is sucked away by a pump. As the dish empties the surface oil and some water, any oil is not thicker than 10mm - 20mm falls into the dish and is then pumped to shore.  

A specially designed floating ring joined to the top of the dish with a rubber skirt that concertinas will automatically re-adjust the skimming depth to 10mm - 20mm in choppy water. Global weir skimmers range is capacity from 5 tonne/hour to 120 tonne/hour. The larger capacity skimmers (40 tonne/hour +) have hydraulic driven on-board pumps with the smaller skimmers having external suction pumps.


  • WEIR5TPTS | Pit Weir Skimmer | 5000L/hr Capacity
  • GSW15ESP | Weir Skimmer | 15,000L/hr Capacity
  • GSW30ESP | Weir Skimmer | 30,000L/hr Capacity
  • GSW120OBP | Weir Skimmer | 120,000L/hr Capacity