Oil & Fuel Spill Kits

By Global Spill & Safety

Oil & Fuel Spill Kits for any size spill! Global Spill Control has specialised in manufacturing Spill Kits for 21 years, and these contain a wide variety of Australian Envirosorb™, including absorbent Mini Booms (Socks), Pillows & Pads. They also contain Ground & Floor Absorbents, such as Global Peat. Absorbent Capacities of our Spill Kits varies, dependent on size of kit.

Kit Sizes include:

  • SKH240-P | High Performance Kit (BIN) | 330L Capacity
  • SKH120-P | High Performance Spill Kit (BIN) | 180L Capacity
  • SKHGP240 | Economy Plus Spill Kit (BIN) | 235L Capacity
  • SKHGP120 | Economy Plus Spill Kit (BIN) | 135L Capacity
  • SKHTP | LargeTruck Spill Kit (BAG) | 122L Capacity
  • SKHLT | Large Truck Spill Kit (BAG) | 95L Capacity
  • SKHMDT | Medium Truck Spill Kit (BAG) | 53L Capacity
  • SKHET | Eco Truck Spill Kit (BAG) | 32L Capacity
  • SKHMT | Mini Truck Spill Kit | 21L Capacity