General Purpose (Universal) Spill Kits

By Global Spill & Safety

General Purpose/Maintenance Spill Kits for any size spill! Global Spill Control has specialised in manufacturing Spill Kits for 21 years, and these contain a wide variety of Australian Made Polypropylene, including absorbent Mini Booms (Socks), Pillows & Pads. They also contain Ground & Floor Absorbents, such as Floorsorb and Budgetsorb Particulate. Absorbent capacities of our Spill Kits vary, dependent on size of kit.

Kit Sizes include:

  • SKGP240| Premium G.P (BIN) | 187L Capacity
  • SKGP120 | Premium G.P Spill Kit (BIN) | 100L Capacity
  • SKMS240 | Budget G.P Spill Kit (BIN) | 166L Capacity
  • SKMS120| Budget G.P Spill Kit (BIN) | 83L Capacity
  • SKGPT | G.P Truck Spill Kit (BAG) | 87L Capacity
  • SKGPPPP | General Purpose Pack Spill Kit (BAG) | 40L Capacity
  • SKGPMT | Mini Truck G.P Spill Kit (BAG) | 25L Capacity