HazChem Chemical Spill Kit Range

By Global Spill & Safety

Global Spill Control’s Range of Hazchem Chemical Spill Kits are available in chemical bag spill kits or drum spill kits. Utilizing our own Australian Made absorbent polypropylene, Unisorb™, our HazChem spill kits are the perfect solution for even the most aggressive of acid or alkali spills such as acids, bases, coolants, solvents, oils and other hazardous chemicals. 
All Global Spill Control Spill Kits include a variety of absorbents pads, mini booms, pillows and ground absorbents or floor sweeps and are ideal for use wherever hazardous chemicals are stored, handled and spilt. 
Range includes:
High Performance Mobile Hazchem Spill Kit - SKC660: 795L Capacity
High Performance Hazchem Spill Kit – SKC240: 375L Capacity
High Performance Hazchem Spill Kit - SKC120: 185L Capacity
Hazchem Truck Spill Kit – SKCT: 131L Capacity
Hazchem Station Spill Kit – SKCS: 131L Capacity
Hazchem Pack Spill Kit – SKCP: 62L Capacity
Hazchem Forklift Spill Kit – SKCFL: 66L Capacity
Hazchem 20 Litre Drum Spill Kit - SKC20: 42L Capacity
Hazchem 10 Litre Drum Spill Kit - SKC10: 14L Capacity
Australian Made and Owned