Spill Kits

By Sitecraft

Go Green with the new range of recycled cellulose natural fibre spill kits for use with fuels and oils, coolant, paint and mild chemcials. Look for the word GREEN.

Bucket Spill Kit

Ideal for forklifts and service vans.


  • 2 x Booms
  • 4 x Mitts
  • 1 x Bag
  • 1 x Gloves

Carry Tub Spill Kit

Packaged in a robust carry tub, this kit is ideal for workshop environments.

Carry Bag Spill Kit

Durable vinyl bag for use with forklifts, trucks or service vans.

Economy Spill Kit

Single use Spill Kit complete with 2 x booms, 30 x pads, gloves and instruction sheet.

Wheelie Bin Spill Kit

Excellent for rapid deployment on factory floors, warehouses, service stations and retail sites.