OCME VEGA HT Tray-shrink Packers For Glass Bottles In Tray & Film

By HBM Plastics & Packaging Technologies

OCME release the VEGA HT tray-shrink packer for the packing of clusters of glass bottles in tray and film.

OCME S.r.l. from Parma Italy, a world leader in packaging, filling, handling and palletising systems for the consumer products industry, have showcased their new VEGA HT tray-shrink packer, that is suitable for the packing of clusters of glass bottles in tray and film.

The VEGA HT is set to be a popular machine in the beer and cider markets with output speeds of up to 150 cycles / minute on single, dual or triple lanes. Designed to save energy and raw materials with high up-time, the new VEGA HT has the following features:-

  • Low energy consumption shrinking tunnel with 30% energy saving
  • Capable of handling very thin film, starting from 30 microns
  • Full vision guards for access to all machine components / functions
  • HMI control panel slides, allowing access over complete operating areas of machine
  • Size change possible with no change parts requirement
  • Plug & play for ease of start up / installation
  • Auto film splicing with 'head to head' sealing and auto check for weld quality
  • Extractable film cutting and feeding ramp for ease of maintenance
  • HMI touch screen graphic display including guided size change over, diagnostics, help menuĀ  & preventative maintenance scheduling.

OCME S.r.l. is represented in Oceania by HBM Packaging Technologies.