OCME Packetto Packaging Technology - saves up to 35% on film usage

By HBM Plastics & Packaging Technologies

OCME S.r.l, Italian world leading manufacturer of packaging, filling, handling and palletising systems for the beverage and consumer products industries, have recently showcased their new 'Packetto™' technology at Interpack in Dusseldorf Germany.


Developed by OCME engineers, the Packetto™ is a new pack design technology that significantly reduces the width and gauge of film used to produce shrink wrap packs for bottles and cans thereby saving up to 35% of the film used.


Utilizing the specially designed integrated carry pack handle, no additional packaging is required which is a further cost reduction, and the commensurate energy savings and waste reductions further improve the carbon footprint of Packetto™


In addition to the cost savings, Packetto™ provides companies with the ability to directly brand onto the shrink wrap significantly enhancing the packs shelf image to the consumer.


Packetto™ also allows for innovative marketing opportunities such as ‘party tray packs’ that can be used as a cooler when ice is added.


The technology can be installed on new OCME machines and retrofitted to existing OCME machinery which involves some minor adjustments between the loose bottle area and the film wrapping section.


"We calculate that with 25-35% savings in film, Packetto™ will easily pay for the machine within a year" said Steve Wyard - Director of OCME UK.